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second try

So my push up training is coming to an end. I need to give my muscles a bit of a rest for a few days and then I will attempt to do 100 push ups in a row.

So look out for that video.

Until then have a look at my newer version of Give It Away. I feel with this song, hearing the beat makes everything a lot better.


Week 5 Training

So I am posting this video a bit later than I actually did it.

I realize I have been a bit slack with my updates, but I have been a bit bored with it all, plus I had like a million of tests and exams at school.

But don’t worry I have been keeping up with the program!

Anyways next week is the week where it will all be done. I have to say I am excited about that!

Repeat of Exhaustion Test for Week 4

So I kind of lost track of where I am in the training program. I mean there’s a lot going on at school and the push ups are not really that fun to do anymore, but still I am determined to keep at it (though I have to keep motivating myself, which is a big bore!)
Anyways, at least I’m improving.