What should I say? While I have been doing all the training as scheduled I have been completely slack about posting the updates. Too much going on at school at the moment. All those stupid tests and presentations. So here is the info on my 3rd day of training in Week 3 as well as of the training I did today in Week 4.

Week 3 (last day)

Set 1                        16

Set 2                        20 (21)

Set 3                        15

Set 4                        15

Set 5                        20 (min. 21)

Total:                        86


Week 4 (Day 1)

Set 1    18

Set 2    22

Set 3   16

Set 4   16

Set 5   15 (min  25)

Total    87


As you can see, I am improving in the total numbers I do each weak, yet I’m not able to perform all of the sets as well as I should be. I have to admit my arms are getting more and more tired and it’s getting a lot harder than I thought it would. Hope that changes.




No pain, no gain!

Today, was okay push-up wise, except that I actually at one point went so far down to the floor that I hit my head. Maybe I shouldn’t be going down so far?

In the last set, I was supposed to do at least 19, but I only managed 18. Last week I was also having difficulties on the second day.

Set 1            14

Set 2            19

Set 3            14

Set 4            14

Set 5            18

Total:            79


I am getting a bit tired from doing all the push-ups. Tired meaning a bit bored. But no pain no gain, right!

On another topic, I am not doing parcours anymore. Somehow, I don’t like it. I mean maybe I’m just bored with the practice inside, but it’s snowing outside, so what should I do? I feel I either stick with the push-ups or with parcours. Both seems like a bit too much effort.


Week 3

Somehow I had a new surge of energy this afternoon with the push-ups. After the exhaustion test on Sunday I took yesterday off to rest and was able to complete all 5 sets fairly easy.

I surprised myself.

This week instead of increasing by 2 push-ups in the second set, I always have to increase by 5. Let’s see how I do the other days. It’s all a bit less exciting than so far. But am not willing to give up.


Set 1                        12

Set 2                        17

Set 3                        13

Set 4                        13

Set 5                        17

Total:                         72


Bad sucking action!!!!

Today I totally sucked at the training. I thought my arms would fall off. Feel like such a toothpick-armed loser. I barely managed any set and in the last one I was supposed to do at least 13 and I collapsed after 11. Bad sucking action!!!!

In my own defense I  also started feeling very sick, fever, headache stuffed nose – typical flu situation. I probably should not be exercising at all. 

Set 1                        10

Set 2                        12

Set 3                        9

Set 4                        9

Set 5                        11 (instead of min. 13)

Total:                         51

A new week

So I just started the second week of the push-up training. I decided not to post videos of it all the time, so not to put you to sleep. But here are the sets I did:

Set 1                        9

Set 2                        11

Set 3                        8

Set 4                        8

Set 5                        13

Total:                        49


I did finish the second video for the parcours training I started. Hope it inspires  a bit!